What kind of stories are in fiction?

Irfan Ishfaq
6 min readOct 25, 2021


Fiction Writing

Do we talk about what kind of stories are in fiction? Some stories are taken from dreams, some from life. But the basic thing is that fiction is made up, there is no fact to it, it is all your imagination When small children go and tell stories to their mothers and say We went and listened to stories to my grandmother on Moon, It doesn’t happen in life anymore?


But this is an imagination Which this child did capture. And that’s when we make up the story Let’s close it in words, make a book We call it fiction. when we decided to write fiction. So where does it come from? It also comes from our reality, It also comes from our dreams. And these are the dreams we see during the day Or we see at night but we remember them.


We have to need a very strong imagination to write fiction. That is, you become an imaginary puppet of so much fun. That is to say, if you become an imaginary puppet of such fun, put it into words and make it a book that Makes the highest fiction. When we read a lot of fiction writers It seems like it might happen in life but Not at all, but we enjoy it Because it takes us a little bit away from our lives. Tells us something different from our life So when we go to write fiction, we want to take care of these secrets. we need to make sure that while is embedded in reality there is a lot of imagination in there, To write fiction we should let our imagination Run wild absolutely.


We have to dream during the day, we have to see if we can get a room, So what are we going to put in this room? Something that is in our drawing room Or a friend’s drawing-room but we like it. So we’ll put those things in this drawing-room. And people will say they are there, Maybe you’re there yourself and made a character like yourself. And what will it do alone? Some people will take more They may be like the personalities you met or just like your dream. Have a dream that you remember and have a character like that. Or in the same way, you have made up your mind. So these secret things come from some life, some you imagine When they all come together, it becomes fiction.
What is fiction, and how do you write like a fiction writer?
so it’s very important to be an observer, That is, they are working on everything in the world, look at it carefully. If there is a leaf, see what details are in the leaf,

Red Car

If you see a car passing by, see what colour it is, What size is it? The wheels are small or big, Are obese? What kind of And then write down all the details. Now let’s describe a car, One of the nonfiction writers will write it Toyota Altis Red Color, But a fiction writer will write it There was a very large car with very thick wheels that grappled the road. But when he wanted to, he would go up in the air to speed up. If the car is on the ground and the car is moving side by side, then we can talk to each other. But if he wants to go to the air, the wheel will go up and start flying. This is what we call fiction writing. but the content of writing is inspired by reality from real life. We must observe the people, the things, the environment around us. to every one of our senses, We have to highlight the six senses that we have. To be clear to the reader, we need to appeal to every sense. sense of smell, so you need to describe exactly how its smells? the sense of vision, you need to describe every detail, How does he look? If you are talking about his face, then whether it is a wrinkle or not, what is its colour, eyes are big or small, shiny these are the details that tell you what your character is going to build. An atmosphere going to be creat, a story is pulled and the reader enjoys it, so there is more to read. So when we write, we want to write the way that we want to read. What we see in dreams, what we recite with Having fun, What we enjoy listening up or thinking about, In the same way, we want to enjoy that reading. It has a special technique called the Day Dream technique.

Day Dream

That is to say, let us imagine so vividly Imagine being awake, even asleep remember what you remember in your dreams, and write it down. But what we wake up and dream, think of it one by one in such detail, And then put them into words. A lot of us think in pictures, a lot of people think in words, Those who think with words are better at writing. So we must think with pictures and also thinks with words, but it is very important to think first. So, daydreaming is very important, daydreaming details Take some things from life, some things from dreams, and then some things that no one has ever thought of. Don’t be afraid to write what is coming in your mind, don’t think, don’t think too much in the first draft, don’t think at all. one should just keep writing. there are many ways one can write and therefore those become fiction jointure. What do we want to write before the content?

Now let’s talk about form how to write? There is also a lot of pottery in fiction, novels, drama, science fiction, realistic fiction There are so many types And nowadays new type of fiction is coming out,

Game Of Throne

for example, in Mythopoeia Many people get used to watching Game of Thrones. When Game of Thrones was written, its gender was Mythopoeia. That is, you are writing a book inspired by Mythology, Inspired by Roman mythology and Greek mythology, another mythology written for another world story.

Jurassic Park

CLI-FI is climate fiction Jurassic Park is a great example, Dinosaurs are affected by climate, Or a lot of tornados movies, or scripts, or lots of books. Which are at the crises of the climate? those are CLI-FI so, those are many different kinds of jointure fiction has, The format can be different, the format can be fun also However it is important Fiction has to be transformed into images and that is the key of Fiction writing.