Veteran Day

Veteran day 2021, What is a veteran? A veteran is someone who has served in the Armed Forces. Every U.S. veteran has served in one of the five branches of the armed forces the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force and the Coast Guard each branch has a different job to do, For example, the army mostly, works on land the Air Force works in the sky people in the Air Force fly planes and helicopters people in the Navy the Marines and the Coast Guard all spend a lot of time at sea but they can have other jobs too, For example, some people, in the Navy fly jets the branches are separate but they often work together they might work as a team to rescue someone who has at sea.

Veterans Day originally came out of World War one Americans had lost one hundred sixteen thousand men in that conflict this is a war on a big scale, that had not been seen by the rest of the world ever. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month The armistice was signed that ended hostilities in Europe a year later on the anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson declared that there would be Armistice Day and that we would remember the sacrifices of the men that served and their bravery and appreciate the victory this was done with parades and ceremonies and there was a two-minute cessation of business at 11:00 a.m.

In 1926 the Congress decided they would make a formal declaration it was not just a celebration of the soldiers that served in World War I, it was a celebration of peace and it was actually a peace holiday of course it was low early because in 1939 World War II began. In 1954 President Eisenhower in order to recognize the service of all those who served in World War II changed it to Veterans Day the last addition was in 2016 President Obama signed a Veterans Day moment of silence at 3:11 in the afternoon there supposed to be a 2 minute of silence recognized by the United States people in America

The President of the United States is in charge of all the branches of armed forces under the Constitution the president is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces on November 11th U.S. celebrate Veterans Day, honour men and women who have served in the Armed Forces of the U.S. honour veterans because they trained hard to do their jobs some were medics and helped people who were hurt some drove tanks and some people even worked on submarines all of them were brave you might know a veteran maybe someone in your family or in your neighbourhood is a veteran they can say thank you to veterans every day of the year but Veterans Day is an especially great time to do it.

all this Veterans Day they recognize and remember those whose passion for freedom and country was so strong that they choose to fight for it when their nation needed soldiers they raised their hands and responded send me many of our soldiers paid the ultimate price the sacrifice they made for their nation to endure and safety and security must never be forgotten they must never take for granted what they have given them through conflict and combat nor overlook. they brought home to their families that served from afar, they celebrate in peacetime the freedom their struggle to give them in war and they must never forget to honour their veterans and offer them the love and compassion that a warrior has earned to all of this I have two words thank you