Data Entry Jobs, Work From Home!

Irfan Ishfaq
8 min readOct 15, 2021


Are you interested in data entry so in this blog I am going to tell about
data entry I’m going to introduced you some companies that hire you may not be able to use this as a full-time job because data entry online clerks are usually paid as independent contractors and although you’ll have a flexible schedule and it’s a very easy job you really don’t make a lot of money doing it when you’re doing it online if you want to do data entry then you would make more money actually going to an office and doing it for a company in person but there are a few online jobs and a few companies that hire for data entry and they are hiring on and off I’m going to tell you which ones to check on
so without any further delay let’s get right into the blog all right so just a
side note some of these jobs do require you to type a certain speed per minute
so in order to help you do that it says a typing tool that you can get online
this is Typing test

you can go ahead and test your typing speed before
you apply so that you know what your typing speed is so this one is very
helpful this one is Typing test .com

Xerox so this is a very popular company has
been around for many many years you have probably heard of them they do hire all types of at-home workers and they do also hire worldwide so it just depends where you are in the world and if they have any jobs available for your area this is Xerox .com so this is their main website and what you want to do is scroll to the bottom of the website and right over here where it says career you want to go ahead and click on that if for actual work at home careers you want to scroll down to the bottom here right here to where it says virtual office program it says see what’s available today and learn more and this is pretty much what they have available on their website so they have careers from home over 30 years we’ve recognized the van it’s of working from home we currently have more than 8,000 home-based employees performing a wide range of functions including customer care tech support data entry which is what we are here looking for image tagging quality control systems development software programming administrative business support and it says here we are actively seeking high quality individuals for work at home opportunity so click to browse available positions select yes under the virtual office filter before running your job search ok so you want to go ahead and click on and you want to filter through whatever location you’re in and you want to go ahead and put yes right there where it says virtual work from home that way they give you all of the virtual work from home jobs that are posted on there ok and even if you scroll down you can see everything that they have available but this company you have to just keep coming back and checking for jobs however they do offer data entry jobs very very often ok so this is a very good company to work for as well .Glassdoor .com in the US the base pay is thirty thousand eight hundred and seventy three dollars per
year this is really good for an at home data entry salary this is pretty high
that’s about two thousand dollars per month or more it’s about twenty five
hundred dollars per month so that is really good and that’s what you can
expect from them in the US you can come over there and search your area your country wherever you’re at so this company in Xerox and this is Xerox. com


This is the smart crowd lion bridge. com this is
available worldwide you can join the pool of micro workers that they have on
here and what they do is they actually match you up with several different
micro tests that you can do and a lot of it is data entry the lion bridge has
been providing work from home opportunities for individuals around the
world for over 20 years they offer flexible working hours while working
from home our clients are some of the large
and most exciting companies in the world and they need your help to make their products and services better so to start the process just click on join now and provide some basic information to be included in our database to be
considered for work so if you choose to complete the optional placement
evaluations this will increase your chances of being offered work okay so if
you actually do this because it is optional you will increase your chances
of getting work so definitely do that this is the smart crowd lion bridge .com

Amazon Mechanical Turk

you can become an Amazon Mechanical Turk this is
also a micro tasking micro work website and once you’re on you want to come up here to where it says learn more and that gives you more information about becoming an Amazon Mechanical Turk say here you can make money on your spare time get paid for completing simple tasks so a lot of the work here is very simple and a lot of it is data entry you can be tagging objects found in an image helping companies select the best pictures to present a product you can audit user uploaded images or videos from moderate content so this is very easy work very simple stuff searching on the internet inputting data from one source to another source oh you can even translate content from one language to another if you speak more than one language all right and also this is available in many countries you have to go ahead and find out if it’s available in your country so this one is


before this is clickworker .com they
have data entry jobs available on here as well and this is also available
worldwide and you just want to come up here where it says earn money as a click worker they’ll show you everything that you can do you can even do these jobs from your phone okay so you download the app on App Store or Google Play they have old types of jobs on here and I’m here they have a research job and that’s what you search for data and addresses of companies and restaurants and other localities on the web by clicking on more you can learn more about this job that’s how you would be pretty much data entering for this okay and over here you choose the kind of task you like doing alright so this one’s available worldwide this one is clickworker .com alright so another website where you can go and look for data entry jobs as Micro workers this is my co-workers calm also available worldwide and these are all postings from different companies and individuals that come up here and they look for people to help them out so these are micro tasks micro jobs so this is very similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk where you do some transcribing data entry you check for video quality rating and things like that you collect contact information this one is data mining so they have many different jobs like this that are related to data entry okay so you can browse through here now be very careful with these types of websites because
there are some scammy jobs that come through here so you have to be very
careful if something is too good to be true then it probably is not real okay
so if they for example say they’re paying you $35 an hour for data entry
that’s unrealistic just be careful with that other than that they do have some
legit jobs posted on here but you have to be aware that some scams do get on
this website so this one is micro

Axion this is axion data services and these are data
entry services so businesses and companies will come here for data entry
services and this company hires people for those clients so in order to check
out all the information if you have to come up here to where it says employment and click on that read all of the information and requirements on this you are going to need to live in the US for this one and also for this one they have a scam alert some people are impersonating them they want to let you know to be aware it says we are aware various email scams soliciting
people to apply for a position with axion if you are not registered in our
database and the email address of the person contacting you does not end with a then it’s a scam so they just want you to beware of scams this okay so for this one you just kind of have to keep checking back to see if they’re hiring or not now for this one you do need two to three years of data
entry experience and you need a rate of fifteen thousand keystrokes per hour
okay equivalent to 50 words per minute error
free so those are some of the qualifications for this job if this
sounds like something you’re interested in and you can come check it out though this one is

Sig track
this is now this is also a US only website for this website
they hire people to process voter registrations and also petition
signatures okay so sig track is a database application that links
grassroots campaigns and crowd-sourced data entry freelancers every user must provide proof of us residency if you’re working as an independent contractor in California it is now illegal with a few exceptions users cannot at this time reside in California or Massachusetts so if you’re in California Massachusetts you cannot apply for this one okay some of the requirements are you need Windows 10 or Mac OS 10 point 13 or higher Windows 7 sp1 usually works high-speed Internet for more information about this one you can go ahead and click on how do I get started and how do I get paid you do need a PayPal account to receive payment for this one okay so this one is

Remote.Co over here all I did was
type in online data entry jobs and over here we got some of the jobs that are
available okay so as you can see over here Amazon is hiring for data entry at
select US States mortgage loan analyst is hiring for data entry and so on
so you can go ahead and seal remote jobs on here if you want to this one is and just search right here for data entry

that’s going to be it for this blog if you found it helpful alright my friend thank you so much for reading and I’m gonna see you in the next one bye