100 followers,1st Milestone Accomplished


I was cheerful to see I come to 100 followers, 1st milestone accomplished. I was hoping like an insane individual around the room! It’s a massive achievement for me. Last night, I had 99 followers. So I am qualified to apply for the Medium partner program. It was my objective from day one to connect the medium partner program. This post is to thank the individuals who helped me to reach 100 followers. How to reach this milestone accomplished. I have to be compelled to each of them for accepting me and supporting me to proceed to publish.

When I started Medium and wrote the first article on Oct 10. I got few followers per day. I didn’t know how to extend the number of followers until I perused numerous articles. It truly changed my blog. I applied supportive tips and expanded my followers to 100 followers. Here are the individuals who have come with me to 100 followers. Their offer of assistance means a part to me.

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This little milestone implies a lot. I’ve never accomplished this sometime recently and for an apprentice writer. It appears more than an algorithm’s play. I’m still a beginner writer. I still don’t know more than I do. This story is fair to precise my appreciation and marks this little turning point. I’m continuously here to assist newbies who require 100 followers to share their posts! Pleasant to meet you !!Thank you, Medium.